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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

The Fall Colours of High Park

This weekend, English Language Program (ELP) students will head to High Park, Toronto’s largest green space.  Because of the time of year, High Park is more picturesque than usual as the 400-acre space turns into an autumn scene filled with yellow, orange, red and brown. 

Below are the thoughts of two former ELP students after their visits to High Park in 2015.  If their writing and photographs inspire you to visit High Park, ELP is headed there this weekend (November 5, 2016).  If you would like to join us, meet in the ELP Lobby at 1:00pm. 

To see what other activities the ELP has planned for the month of November, you can download the ELP Social Activities Calendar from our website.  

High Park 

By: Claudia Celina Guerra Gomez, former English PLUS student

High Park is a beautiful park in Toronto. High Park measures 161 hectares (400 acres) and is the largest in Toronto within the limits of the city. The area opened with the name of High Park in 1876. Here, there are the forests, ponds and green spaces. Admire the black oak savannah, a protected ecosystem that was almost lost and that once covered most of southern Ontario.

My friends and I visited on the first day we were in town. We took the subway west and got off at the High Park Station. Once we arrived, we started taking photographs and walking around this beautiful place. We walked through the park for about three hours. The scenery was so nice that we did not realize that we had spent so much time there.

During the tour, we were able to appreciate the flora and fauna of the park. We gave food to the ducks and we saw how squirrels were eating in the cherry tree. It is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. You have to visit it.

Fall in Toronto 

By: Sung Min Yook, former English PLUS student

In Canada, I was able to see some beautiful fall leaves in many places. When I went to High Park, it had very beautiful and colourful fall leaves. Many other parks and streets were the same. It was the most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen in Canada.  

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