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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

ELP Beavers Softball

Over these past few months the ELP Beavers have received endless amounts of support from their fans, coaches and teammates.  Together they strive for excellence, through their skills and sportsmanship. The fan parties before the game are exciting and fun filled – with music playing, face and poster painting and much more, this event is meant to encourage team spirit and get everyone eager to play.  Our team spirit shines bright through our spirit squad before, during and after the games with cheers, songs and continuous applause for all our players.  You can always catch them, dancing, jumping up and down, or coming up with a new cheers to boost the energy of the players on and off the field. Wearing colours of red, blue and white, the spirit squads chanting pierces through the field, making sure every member is able to hear their love and encouragement.

During our softball games, everyone gets a chance to play and show off their knack for the sport or sometimes even their undiscovered talents. Whether it’s pitching, batting, fielding or even cheering on the sidelines every participant is able to find something they love and enjoy doing during this exciting event.

Our Cultural Assistants, aside from playing every now and again, also help coach our team into a well oiled machine. While also assisting with strategy, the coaches are able to educate players on different rules and ways to approach the game at any instance. 

Every game is filled with surprises, ranging from home runs, to great plays; each member helps each other strive to be the best softball players they can be.  After each game, our team comes together to provide constructive feedback with new tips and ideas to try for the next upcoming game. The ELP Beavers are able to overcome all odds always with a smile!

After the games, our players get together; to unwind, socialize and discuss the awesome teamwork experienced that day. Our softball games are events, which students and staff at the English Language Program look forward all week. Students have found that softball is a wonderful activity that they truly enjoy. It has motivated them to practice their English language skills on and off the field.

Go Beavers!

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