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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

Four Seasons, Thousands of Experiences

Studying a Master’s degree in Canada was what drove me to move to Toronto in July 2016. I arrived on Canada Day (July 1) to this multicultural and vibrant city. It was summer, long days with a spectacular sun, many activities and outdoor sports.  These were my first impressions of this city. With my intermediate English, I began this incredible experience in the English Language Program at the University of Toronto.

On my first day of class in Academic English, I met friends from different countries all around the world such as Korea, Libya, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Venezuela. That mix of cultures and backgrounds helped me to improve my speaking very quickly because English was our unique way to communicate and form friendships. Summer was full of volunteer activities, BBQs on Toronto Island, soccer games at the University of Toronto campus and even Boat Cruise parties.

After a few months, autumn was coming and the green of the forest changed to a bright yellow. Also, that was time to say, “Goodbye and see you soon” because some of my friends returned to their countries.

With more confidence in my English and many friends, I knew that coming to Toronto and choosing the University of Toronto to improve my English was my best decision. In this season, I made friends who are like my family and we spent time exploring Toronto, touring its parks such as High Park to different Restaurants, tasting the food of the many cultures that are part of this city.

I was excited when winter arrived. It was my first winter: short days, with only a few hours of sun and white streets with snow were the signs of winter’s beginning. Feeling cold because of the temperatures below zero, skating for first time and substituting frozen lemonade for a hot chocolate are my winter memories.

Then it was time for Christmas and the New Year.  These are important holidays where I am from and where people spend time with their families. However, I was here in Toronto and I enjoyed those holidays with friends who are also family. In addition, City Hall became my favorite place in Toronto because I made many memories during my time here.

Finally, spring is here and the days are getting warm. It is time to leave winter jackets and enjoy outdoor activities.  Nowadays, my English is better and I know about the Canadian university lifestyle. Therefore, I feel that I am prepared to study at a Canadian university and achieve my next goal.

During this time, I have improved my English and acquired the confidence to speak. My instructors identified my deficiencies and they helped me to overcome the obstacle of learning a second language.

Toronto is a great city to improve your English and live an experience that will change your life. During the four seasons I have been here, many of my friends left this country. However, our experiences and friendship continue even though they are far away.

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