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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

Ripley’s Aquarium

This page is only available in English For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Whether you are a seasoned Torontonian or only in Toronto for a visit, a walk in the city will give you a glimpse of the rich cultures that Toronto fosters. However, Toronto is more than what meets the eye. If, like many ELP students, you are a big fan of the mysterious undersea world, you will be pleased to find out that Toronto is also home to a diversity of marine life.

On ELP’s monthly visit to Ripley’s Aquarium, we immersed ourselves in the vast undersea world, where every corner you turn something marvelous awaits. Traveling on the gliding path, we entered the realm of the sea creatures. Here, we had the chance to observe some cute fishes that wander around and spend their days among the seaweed, but also some more feared creatures. Some of us were quite surprised when we found big sharks behind us in our selfies.

The Aquarium offers tons of Instagram-worthy photo ops, including the famous Planet Jellies Gallery – one of the world’s largest jellyfish galleries and our favourite selfie spot. Standing in front of the dark tank that was illuminated by the jellyfishes, we could not help but felt like we were in a fantasy world. Time was lost on us, as in the blink of an eye; the jellyfishes would change colours, shapes, and sizes and transform the atmosphere of the gallery with them.

As if to counter the surrealism of the Jellies Gallery and shark tank, at Ripley’s Aquarium, we were also welcome to make friends with some shrimps and stingrays. There was something amazing (or ticklish) about holding our hands still in the pond and waiting for a shrimp to approach. It was lovely how friendly and helpful these little creatures were. We definitely felt a friendship blossoming, as the shrimps busied themselves with the task of removing dead skin on our hands.

Exiting the the gallery and throwing ourselves back to the hustle and bustle of the city, it was almost as if our adventure in the aquarium was a beautiful, mystical dream. However, a look at our phone albums affirmed that it was all real. You really cannot go the Ripley’s Aquarium and not end up having some awesome pictures that will make your Instagram followers fall in love with Toronto too.

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