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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

Recent Articles

December 19, 2016

Winning the Language Game

Written By Dan Pinese (ELP Staff)

On December 15, 2016, English Language Program (ELP) Instructor, Evelyn Pedersen received the 2016 ELP Excellence in Teaching Award, an […]


September 19, 2016

ELP Success Story – Leonardo Godoy

Written By Dan Pinese (ELP Program Administrator)

Last summer, Leonardo Godoy made a decision to change career paths.  After a long discussion with his family and a […]


December 16, 2015

ELP Success Story – Mariam Cisse

By Brenda Colley (Program Administrator, Academic Support)

From the moment Mariam arrived in Canada, she made an effort to learn as much as she possibly could about […]


December 16, 2015

Teaching Successes

By Dan Pinese (ELP Program Administrator, Student Services)

After almost 18 years as an instructor at the English Language Program (ELP), Dorothy Garfinkel still enjoys the sense of […]


August 25, 2015

ELP Success Story – Dilraba Anayatova

Interviewed By Emma DeLeeuw (University and College Application Support Assistant)

Q: What courses have you taken at the English Language Program? Initially, I was enrolled in Academic English Level 60. […]


August 25, 2015

ELP Success Story – Khanin Thongmongkol

Interview By Dan Pinese (Program Administrator, Student Services)

Q: Could you briefly describe yourself: your goals, previous education, past work experience, and how you arrived here in Toronto, […]


August 6, 2015

ELP Success Story – Louise Yang

Interview By Emma DeLeeuw (University and College Application Support Assistant)

The following is an interview that was done with Louise Yang who recently finished studying Academic English Level 60 at […]


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